Create apps with Apmato, no coding requiredCreate apps with apmato, easy
Create apps with Apmato, no coding requiredMake apps without coding

Content management system for mobile applications.

Apmato is the authoring tool and content management system for mobile apps.

If you are an agency, a tourist board, a museum, a publishing house, a hotel or a sports club, you have information to share. The internet is a good way to provide information to your clients—but mobile devices allow smarter interaction and information access and provide new ways to stay in contact with your clients.

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App for apps

No setup, no worries: Apmato is a web-based application that runs in your browser. Just sign in and start creating apps - no matter whether you're using a PC or a Mac.


Work on your app wherever you are. Your projects are saved independently from your devices, so making changes is possible everywhere. There's no need to backup, sync or manage your files – so you can focus on what's really important.

No coding required

Getting your message out shouldn't be complicated. That's why you don't need any programming skills to use our system. Apmato lets you create your app the way you want and makes editing or adding new content as easy and efficient as it should be.

Affordable and transparent

Creating apps has never been more affordable. Reduce unnecessary development costs. You work hand in hand with the developers. You can edit the app by yourself at any time and can save a lot of money.

Create real apps

With Apmato you create pure native apps coding-free. Native apps run smoothly, do not need a permanent internet connection, can use all hardware features and offer the best user experience on mobile devices. If there are any platform updates you can easily update your apps so that they will always be using the latest technologies.

Update content at all times

You can maintain the contents of your app so that everything is always up-to-date. With our Content Management System you can easily modify and edit your content whenever you want without having to prepare an update or new release of your app.

Deep App Linking

Apmato supports deep app links, a new way to integrate the contents of an app in the search results. If a user searches on an Android or iOS device, your app with the specific content will appear in the general search results of the divice.

Push messages

Push messages provide a simple way to directly reach out to your audience. When you add content to your app for example about a special offer, you can send a push message from your apmato backend directly to all who have your app installed.

Build once, publish many

With Apmato you create apps in one go for different platforms. You can build beautiful multiplatform mobile apps that respect the radiance of each platform’s user experience and functional philosophy.

Your idea – your app!

You decide for each app how to publish it. Within our publishing service you decide weather your app is published in our AppStores or in your own AppStores.

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Instant live preview of your app on your devices

Mobile App

Preview your app at any time on a real smartphone or tablet.

The combination of our acclaimed online editor and our fast apk and ipa generation engines streamlines the app creation process.

While you still build the app with ApmatoCreate, you can already load it on your android device. You quickly create an executable binary android application within ApmatoCreate, download, install and run it on your android smartphone or tablet making it supereasy to get great feedback from your audience at any time during app creation.

Frequent questions

Today, people are looking for services and products independently from where they are.

They are sitting on the couch, in a bus or a train using their smartphones and tablets. To inform your audience, keep them up-to-date and offer them optimal service you need to have a mobile appearance. Stay competitive with your mobile app!

You. You may use Apmato online to create your app, and have two options to publish it: you can either publish it on the AppStore and Google Play Store through our account, or simply publish it with your own account(s). With both options, the app is completely yours.

Of course you can! Just call us or send us an e-mail.

General questions when starting with something are swiftly resolved with a quick question. When logged in you may want to use the dark blue badge at the right border of the browser window labeled Ask us. When you click on the badge a small e-mail box opens. Type in your question and send it. You can use this badge for all your questions you have about our products and services. Be it a general question, a usability issue or about our pricing.

In all cases that you are not logged in, please use +49 30 555 78 555 to call or to e-mail us. Looking forward to your questions. The Apmato Team.

The monthly fee allows you to maintain your apps having access to our latest platform releases. With our CMS you are able to edit your apps as many times as you wish, preview the changes and update your app in real time, without having to spend money and time on resubmitting your app to the stores.

Yes. You can maintain the contents of your app so that everything is always up-to-date. With our content-management system for app creation you easily modify and edit your content without having to prepare an update or new release of the app.

Apmato has been invented by TouchingCode. We think every business has a reason for an app, and every business should be able to build that app with its own budget.

☞ Fast and easy mobile app creation ☜

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